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From Notepad to WordPress

Back in the day I built all my websites by hand, using Notepad. I even used Notepad as my “HTML Editor” of choice for my first two web developer jobs. It was a geeky point of pride, loudly stating that I (we – me and my fellow cohorts) didn’t need any silly consumer-friendly WYSIWYG editors – we knew what we were doing. Boy how times change.

I now use WordPress for all of the sites that I build or manage – and I couldn’t be happier. Sure, some pride had to be swallowed, but now that I’ve made the jump I’m never looking back. I’d rather be spending my time building new sounds, writing new songs, or taking new pictures than painfully pounding out a user-management interface when WP already “has that”, and a much better version that I’d create in my spare time.

So now with WordPress in line, I am free to spend more time on the aesthetic of a site – the colors, the imagery (almost always original imagery and logos from my stockpile of photographs), and the usability. It’s much more fun, and eats up less of my time which, again, allows me to focus on more purely creative enterprises.

This site is the first proper site I’ve completed using a real WordPress theme, and it’s been a great experience. I will be transitioning all of my other sites into the WordPress format and will breathe a sigh of relief once completed. I guess this sounds like sort of a WP ad, but… oh well, it’s how we do things here.

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