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Waz’s Music Box

Waz's Music Box

This instrument was sampled from an old music box I’ve had since my childhood. I have no idea when I got it, but I’ve never let it go, and have carried it with my music gear as I’ve crossed the country. These are not the greatest samples – I wasn’t able to use a proper isolation booth when capturing these – but they are still pretty fun. This is more of an experimental learning project than anything else (hence the price: FREE!). This is also essentially a 1.0 release, as I hope to build in some custom scripting and perhaps re-sample someday when I get better isolation.


Made for OSX. 3MB in size. Just Kontakt files and WAV files. Audio files are 24bit @ 48KHz.

Oh, and a cute little background.

Downlaod for OSX

Here’s a recording of the music box (it plays “Swan Lake”) recreated entirely with this Kontakt instrument. This track was created as an MP3 clip in Ableton Live. No audio effects were applied, no mastering or normalizing was done – this is just the raw WAV files at play here.

Kontakt is a registered trademark of Native-Instruments. I make no claim to the logo or the name, and am just using it here all innocent like. 

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