Space Shooter Game

Unity Project with Custom Audio and Graphics
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Click Here to Play The Game!

Click the image to open a new window and play the actual game, complete with my own sound and graphic adjustments.


I recently completed building the Unity3D “Space Shooter” project, and I can’t recommend it enough for anyone interested in game development. My primary interest for this experiment was with sound design, though I’ve always wanted to get a better understanding of how Unity works, and this tutorial – while still relatively basic – certainly provided that.

In order to make my build of this game, well, “my” build of this game, I designed all new sound samples for the shooter. I also created a new “Ice Planet” background and modified the lighting a bit to give it a more unique feel.

Click the spaceship image above to launch and play the game, or listen just to the sound design for the game to the right of the image. Sounds that I custom created for this project are; Hero Laser, Hero getting Blown Up, Enemy Laser, Enemy getting Blown Up, Asteroid getting Blown Up, and a simple music loop to play through the game.

I hope you enjoy the sounds, and enjoy the experience!

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