Seattle, Day By Day  is a personal photo blog consisting of random images from in and around Seattle. Originally conceived as an every-day blog, I know post as I can and as I feel inspired. I had a successful run of almost 2 years in getting one up every day, but as my goals and focus evolves, so too must the blog. It still however remains just pictures: no text or poems or descriptions or thoughts… well, maybe an occasional note and a name for each image, but that’s about it.

Images range from simple photographs with no processing, to fun artistic creations using a variety of post-processing tools and effects. I don’t get all up in arms about using digital tools, or HDR, or anything else. Everyone has their own vision, and whatever tools – or lack thereof – help you achieve that vision, well, then that’s the right thing to do.

All images within the site are taken and posted for my own joy. I take lots of pictures, and this is a way of both using them and expressing myself. As the blog name suggests, they are all pictures from the Seattle area… or pretty close by. Basically things that any Seattleite might find themselves getting into.

Please check it out, subscribe to the twitter feed, and most of all – enjoy!

Seattle, Day By Day.