Djahmbi is the musical collaboration between Riccardo and Waz, spanning over a decade in evolution. From the ashes of the Columbus, Ohio funk-rock band, Sugar Pill, Riccardo and Waz began their journey under the name Orpheus Roy while both in Denver, Colorado.

In 2007 Orpheus Roy released a 4-song, self-titled, EP along with a video for the song My Pet Goat.

[box  type=”bio”]Rickshaw – from the self-titled Orpheus Roy EP


Since the EP release Orpheus Roy went dark for a while. Waz moved to Seattle, Riccardo moved to Aspen, and the two went back to songwriting. 2014 is happy to see the return of Orpheus Roy under the rebirth  of Djahmbi.

Djahmbi is now actively recording songs for the next album. Stay tuned…

[box  type=”bio”] My Pet Goat – from the self-titled Orpheus Roy EP


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January 15, 2015