Sound Clips

All of 'em on the site. Sort of a one stop for listening ease.

For your Ears

Not sure how useful this page will be, but hey, it made sense when I built it. There aren’t a ton of sound clips on the site, though more will be added. Since all the clips are, right now, stuck on the pages that they are related to, if one wanted to listen to them all, well, that’s a lot of jumping around.

So this page will attempt to corral all the clips into one big audio page so any song, from any project, can be listened to in one spot. How’s that for easy? Okay, let’s go!

[box  type=”bio”] Wazatron – Not My Halo [/box] [box  type=”bio”] Wazatron – Haystack (soon to be reimagined as “28” by Djahmbi)
[/box] [box  type=”bio”]Wazatron – Space Shooter Sound Design [/box] [box  type=”bio”]Wazatron – General Sound Design [/box] [box  type=”bio”]Orpheus Roy – Rickshaw [/box] [box  type=”bio”]Orpheus Roy – My Pet Goat [/box]

Anything got you thinking? Let me know.