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This Is Wazatron

Wazatron Studios was formed in the late ’90s, primarily as an independent web development company. Since then, the studio has morphed into a source for original music, recording, mixing, mastering, sound design, photography, and yes, even still some web development. As of this moment there are four open and active songwriting projects, an every-day photo blog, Kontakt Instrument building, and all sorts of general sound design, music creation, and photography going on.

Please have a look around. If you’d like to inquire about any creative projects, or if you have any general questions for me, please just send me an email by clicking through to the contact form with the button below. Just for fun, below are some of the primary applications I use here in the Studio, and my estimated proficiency with each. Thanks for stopping by.

A bit of (musical) history…

Music has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. I started my journey as a very young child on the piano and violin, which set the foundation for everything to come. Through middle school I played the saxophone and played both in concert and jazz bands. As middle school turned into high school, my saxophone turned into the electric guitar and my life was forever altered.

Like most young guitarists I threw myself into many different bands – rock, funk, rockabilly, you name it. The most successful act from these years was the regionally touring band “Sugar Pill” from Columbus, Ohio. Sugar Pill was a mainstay at many of the premier music venues in Columbus and was a yearly headlining act for Comfest, the nation’s largest independent volunteer-run festival. Sugar Pill also played a number of music festivals across the midwest, Canada, and NYC. During my time with Sugar Pill I learned countless lessons in musicianship, recording, mixing, mastering, and just how difficult it is to make a band work.

During and after Sugar Pill, I also became rededicated to my basic music education and began an apprentice with Dr. Richard Jordan Smoot studying classical guitar performance as well as theory and composition. As I moved across the country my apprenticeship ended but my study and work with Dr. Smoot has not. To this day I continue to study with Dr. Smoot remotely and assist him with his online websites as well.

Over the past ten years, which represent my “Post Sugar Pill” days as well as my sort of transient-musician life, I have become more and more fascinated with audio and sound design. I continue to write songs through various collaborations, but I spend much of my time deep in Ableton and Digital Performer creating sounds, rhythms, songs, and electronic compositions. This convergence of technology and music feels like home to me, and will be the primary focus of Wazatron Studios well into the future.

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  • Digital Performer 90%
  • Ableton Live 75%
  • Logic Pro 70%
  • Reason 65%
  • Audacity 60%
  • NI Instrument Building / Scripting 50%
  • Pro Tools 45%
  • Wwise 50%
  • FMOD 25%
  • Unity 3D (focus within audio integration) 20%


  • Photoshop 85%
  • Lightroom 80%
  • Photomatix Pro 75%


  • Wordpress 80%
  • Dreamweaver 65%
  • Notepad 🙂 100%

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