I’ve always enjoyed messing around with Photoshop – not just for processing pictures or creating simple web graphics, but for creating digital art. I’ve never had that eye-hand thing down to where I can effectively “draw” what I want to. I do have fun with acrylic painting – maybe I’ll share some of that at some point – but I’m still rather limited in that medium. However being such a tech-guy, I’ve had a lot more success in creating – or getting out of my head, really – artwork within the digital realm using tools like Photoshop.

Steven Buckshaw, a very good friend of mine, recently published a couple of novels and needed some help with his books’ cover designs. I was able to help him out and take the opportunity to create some real, in-use digital art for a practical purpose as opposed to just self-expression (not that there’s anything wrong with that :). Both covers are up on Amazon on their respective book pages, and you can read more about the projects here on my website.

I’d also encourage anyone who considers themselves a reader out there to check out Steve’s works. Sure, he’s a good friend, but his novels are outstanding. Check them out and leave some reviews for him, I know he’d appreciate it.


  1. Read about the covers here
  2. Check out Steven’s blog – The Celestial Cellar – here
  3. Check out Steven’s Amazon profile here