Big updates at hand!! Seattle Day By Day has just been updated with (I think) a much cooler, very slick interface. It’s going to allow me to worry less about maintenance and stability of the site moving forward, and it also adds in some cool new features and abilities that will make the site more user-friendly.

I’ve always enjoyed the massive one-wall, tiled layout of all the images with sort of an infinite scroll, and I’d been very hesitant to move away from that. But the (now) old theme was a freebie that I’d hacked up quite a bit to get my desired functionality, and as such it was one server or WordPress update from being crushed and destroyed without mercy. I really needed to find a supported theme, and one that would allow me to keep the big front page wall.

Well finally I’ve found the answer! For anyone interested the “Divi” them, by Elegant Themes (also used for this site) released a nice new update that provided a full-screen gallery view of all posts. Well, technically now they are “projects”, so there is a fair amount of re-building to do (converting old “posts” into “projects) but the tradeoff is more than worth it.

I think it is prettier, faster, more stable, and there’s cooler a “About” page and a new “Sortable” page as well. Good stuff!!!

So I hope you enjoy (I know I will) and head on over to the site to check it out!

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