This one was fun, because (warning, cliche approaching) I am a huge Pink Floyd fan and David Gilmour is one of my favorite guitarists! (End cliche – but it’s still true!). I wanted to learn more about the Source Engine and how it handled audio, so I thought a fun test would be to try and create a concert consisting of various actors and props and “see” how the engine handled it. Could I orchestrate all the parts in sync? How would the engine handle volume, spacial mixing and reverb, physical location and attenuation? refraction

So after a couple of months reading up on the engine, the Hammer editor, and doing a lot of digging through developer forums and then spending a good amount of time building everything and recording all the audio tracks… I’m happy to say the project is done – and it works! It’s of course not quite a perfect emulation of a concert environment, but it’s a heck of a learning exercise and example of how Source handles audio. And it’s fun, too.

Click here to read about the entire project and also watch a video of the concert experience. If I get enough interest I might look at packaging up the project file and posting it for others to download and play through (provided you own Portal 2) for fun as well.


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