For my latest project I completed the “Wwise Limbo Redux” challenge. Unfortunately I wasn’t aware of the challenge until after the submission deadline (!) but it was still such an intriguing challenge I just couldn’t resist still doing it. I’ve been a fan of this game since the day it was released – it’s captivating, charming, terrifying, and it leaves you wanting more and wondering about this Limbo world you experienced.

limbo_boy2One of the things that really sticks out about Limbo is that there is no discernible music – no tune to hum along with. I actually love this about the game, as it really puts you in the shoes of the boy and adds to the immersion. But that’s what immediately jumped out to me as what I had to tackle as part of a sound design challenge. Could music really be added to this game without ruining it? Can you add in some melody while respecting the mood, environment, and space of Limbo?

It was my goal to find out! Now that I have finished the project, I’m pleased to say that yes (IMHO) you can! I’m very happy with the final results of this experiment. I like to think I added some orchestration that fits into the game and doesn’t violate any of Playdead’s original sound design principles. What do you think? Click here to jump to the project page and read more. Oh, and go buy the game!!