Original Audio Creation

Sound Design / Implementation, Orchestral Composition, Songwriting, and Live Performance – a bit of everything is done within the studio. The main focus these days is on Sound Design and Songwriting, though anything is possible and everything is fun.


Taking Pictures

All photography and digital art through this site is a creation of Wazatron Studios. Photography is a method of relaxation and release. There’s plenty to look at within the site and elsewhere; Seattle Day By Day is an original studio website and Flickr & Instagram also have Wazatron feeds. You can even hang Wazatron on your wall by purchasing prints through ImageKind. Learn more by clicking the Read More button.


Building Stuff

Where once there was nothing but Notepad, now there is WordPress. All site development is now done with WordPress and I couldn’t be happier. It’s a great system that allows you to focus on design and functionality rather than wrangling with code and databases. There are a number of sites designed, constructed, and managed by Wazatron Studios out there on the world wide interwebs, click the Read More button to learn about them.


Always Be Creative

Beyond music and photography there’s plenty of other worlds to explore and have fun in. Digital Art, Acrylic Painting, Collage… It’s important to always be creating and using the imagination. Recently I helped design some book covers for a good friend’s novels – check them out by clicking the Read More link, and learn about other projects going on in the studio as well.

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